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Bongiovi DPS Headphones

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Whether passengers are listening to personal MP3 players or the In CarEntertainment (I.C.E.) system, your headphone choice is critical. The Digital Power Station™ (DPS) technology becomes active the instant the DPS noise cancelling headphones are powered up. They work with the existing Rear Seat Entertainment System infrared or wired signals, to provide the highest quality audio.

The result is an immediate and significant improvement in audio quality; clarity across all frequencies, clearer highs and deeper bass. Compressed audio sounds like the original studio recording. The DPS approach is to intelligently redistribute power to where it is needed in the frequency spectrum, taking into consideration the program material, audio components and playback environment.


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What is the Digital Power Station Automotive Headphone and why is it so unique? 

The Digital Power Station TM technology improves efficiency and maximizes input. It accomplishes this through a unique acoustic profile specifically built for this automotive grade, noise cancelling headphone. This profile comprises 120 algorithm calibration points and considers factors such as numerous audio elements including the headphone speakers, amplifiers, design and architecture and more.

Features & Specifications

  • Validated to standard OEM requirements
  • Compatible with OEM rear seat entertainment systems (infrared source)
  • Compatible with external sources or personal audio devices (wire source)

What is the result?

  • Speakers are safely driven beyond their normal (mechanical) limitations
  • Studio quality is achieved
  • The user hears more of the original program material
  • Significant improvement and clarity of highs and lows
  • Clarity across all frequencies even at low volumes
  • A custom-tuned operating profile maximizes the performance of the headphones
  • Immediate and significant improvement in audio quality is heard by the listener

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