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DPS Technology


The Digital Power Station TM (DPS) technology is a digital solution to a digital problem: audio quality degradation as a result of digital media compression. DPS technology remasters the audio stream in real time, resulting in the original studio quality sound through commonly available audio components. Immediate and significant improvement in audio quality is heard by the listener.

The concept of Real Time Audio Re-masteringTM was born in the recording studio and validated by application in automobiles, consumer electronics, computers and phones. DPS is a software solution that is easily and cost-effectively implemented into virtually any product that reproduces sound.


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What does the Digital Power Station do and why is it so unique?

The Digital Power Station TM technology achieves ALL of the following in ONE software solution:

  • Remixes the original program material in real time (Patented)
  • Extends headroom (Patented)
  • Extends frequency response of the program material (Patented)
  • Extends frequency response of compressed audio material in MP3/FM/Satelllite content (Patented)
  • Eliminates annoying volume changes between different signal sources in any consumer electronics device (Patented)
  • Provides clearly defined listening acuity, clarity and extended range even at low volumes


How does it work?

  •  Addresses the program material (Patented)
  • Compensates for deficiencies in the playback device (Patented)
  • Redistributes power from the amplifier to the speakers in a frequency specific manner (Patented)
  • Utilizes a series of algorithms (Patented) to extend frequency response and optimize component performance


What is the result?

  •  Speakers are safely driven beyond their normal (mechanical) limitations
  • Studio quality is achieved from commonly available components
  • The user hears more of the original program material
  • Significant improvement and clarity of highs and lows
  • Clarity across all frequencies even at low volumes
  • Virtual Subwoofer TM
  • Significant sonic improvement is realized even in low-cost components
  • A custom-tuned operating profile maximizes the performance of any device
  • Immediate and significant improvement in audio quality is heard by the listener


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