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Marketing Support

 Vehicle sales and customer loyalty can be greatly influenced by the customer in-vehicle experience. Accessories, unique trim packages and special edition vehicles often enhance the in-vehicle experience and ultimately drive sales.

Our team has over 25 years of combined experience in developing marketing collateral and assets necessary for OEMs to effectively promote products to two key target audiences: the dealer and the end-customer.

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AVG Group key advantages

We understand all aspects of automotive related marketing and promotional needs. We have a dedicated Sales & Marketing team to support OEM clients in bringing products and new accessories to market.

We offer services to complement major automotive OEM's efforts to increase sales and brand recognition, including:

  • Leverage AVG Group accessory portfolio to create Special Edition (Limited Run) Vehicles to move dealer inventory 
  • Provide content for digital and hard copy brochures
  • Develop b-roll footage for dealer and consumer consumption
  • Create video for marketing & advertising
  • Email campaign content and packages
  • Tent cards & various other dealership promotional material
  • Accessories and Showroom Merchandising

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