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Manufacturing & Quality

 We leverage component-level expertise from our global supply base to develop new products and system-level solutions for our customers.

Our engineering & quality team ensure that accessory designs adhere to best practices for quality, manufacturing and continuous improvement.

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Quality of Design

  • Integrate and assemble component technology from sub-suppliers to develop new products
  • Work collaboratively to embed quality into new product designs
  • Drive innovation and quality through a wide supplier base
  • Direct investments benefit us and our clients, including:
    • Exclusive use of a new technology
    • Key supplier engineers assigned to projects
    • Dedicated capacity and throughput


  • Access to innovative materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Stable, reliable manufacturing base that caters to individual brand identities
  • Manufacturing assessment & auditing

Continuous Improvement

  • Continuous performance monitoring of the supplier chain process for effective root cause analysis of manufacturing or warranty issues
  • Quality Assurance Processes in-line with today’s best practices
  • Full Customer & Product Warranty Monitoring and Support



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