Ayaz Somani: Global Accessory Supplier

Ayaz Somani: Global Accessory Supplier

AVG Group, based in Scarborough, Ont., is a global supplier to Toyota, Lexus, Hyundai, Nissan and General Motors.

It’s probably because AVG and its CEO, Ayaz Somani, like to keep a low profile, and because AVG is an “accessory” supplier and not a parts supplier.

AVG supplies headphones and Bongiovi-branded digital processors, interior LED lighting, special-edition trim pieces, seat heaters, mirror systems and more.

AVG doesn’t make any of these products. It often engages Tier One parts makers such as Magna and Delphi to make them.

“We used to manufacture, but we got out of it because it limits us to one or two product lines,” says Somani. “Today we won’t make a part unless it has a fully validated OEM part number.”

Somani says AVG’s strategic advantage is its ability to manage the supply chain for automakers, so accessories can be installed wherever it makes sense, whether on the factory floor or at the dealership.

Somani says he is glad to have built the AVG Group in Canada and that it contributes to the country’s economy. He and his family came to Canada in 1972 as refugees from Uganda, during dictator Idi Amin’s reign.

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