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A Letter from the AVG Group CEO


At AVG Group, we are committed to supplying the best-in-class automotive accessory solutions at all points in the OEM customization value chain. 

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By leveraging our supplier-partner capabilities around the world, we are able to bring “Global Intelligence” to vehicle accessory solutions. 

Our collaborative fulfillment model permits us to supply solutions in multiple product categories, including seat enhancement, styling improvement and audio optimization. 

Our inventive delivery systems allow us to offer these solutions at all major points in the OEM customization chain, including factory, port, distributor and dealer. 

And our flexible solution formats enable us to tailor these programs to “fit” our OEM customers’ needs, from simple product-only to more complex product-with-full-installation-services programs. 

Innovation, Passion, Fulfillment: these are not mere words at AVG Group. They embody our Total Commitment to our Customers, Suppliers and Stakeholders.


Ayaz Somani                       

CEO, AVG Group 

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